Sam Rogers, founder of AX wearing the Gravity Jet Suit

Sam Rogers founded AX to celebrate, implement, and educate about design freedoms of additive manufacturing, particularly metal 3D printing. Designing from the ground up to be additively manufactured propels product efficiency and performance.

AX presents keynotes on projects made possible by additive manufacture. This allows students and professionals to advance their design skillset for a manufacture process that will enable the functionally efficient and visually impressive designs of the future.

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Design Tools

 Offers a design education pack containing written design rules and data specific to each material. This kit contains metal additive manufactured parts that make clear the design envelope of additive manufacture. Each pack is material specific as spme materials are more versatile than others. This pack benchmarks material performance in an easy to absorb education format in which, each material is clearly comparable.


  offers live presentations and demos to professionals and students. Founder Sam Rogers presenting at New Scientist Live 2019, London.

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